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Bradd Parton

Greenville, South Carolina
I am an author/illustrator that has been successfully working with schools for over 18 years. I am most known for creating the Alpha-Sketch art style. Every line in my art is actually a letter of the alphabet and each letter is used once in all illustrations. There are no omissions, repetitions, or extra lines. While my art is centered on the alphabet, my books are not about learning the letters. The Alpha-Sketch art style is more about point-of-view and looking for details. Children and adults alike enjoy the puzzle-like nature of Alpha-Sketch: Art for the Smart. In addition to my highly interactive school visits about the creative process, I also offer a custom book project where I write and illustrate a book about what makes your school great. These books are then sold by schools along with a state-themed Alpha-Sketch t-shirt as fundraiser items. The books include whatever illustrations specific to your school (typically mascot, school building, town landmark, person of choice, etc.) that you choose. All Alpha-Sketch illustrations are "decoded" in the back of the book revealing each letter's location within the drawing. Additionally, the names of all students and staff members are also printed in the book. The school's profit margin for each item sold is $5. Participation in the custom book project is accompanied by several free components including brief video updates, optional worksheets (writing, editing, illustrating), and an electronic press kit from help with promotion at the school and in the community.